Nebula is a character in the MCU/Disney film series, Guardians of the Galaxy nebula has a thirst for revenge against her father and sister for making the person she is today. However, she may abandon her revenge against her sister after joining the Guardians of the Galaxy and going out to kill Thanos herself.


Early lifeEdit

Nebula was taken from her homeworld by Thanos the mad titan. She and her sister Gamora as children used to fight in combat. Every time, Nebula lost and her sister prevailed. Because of this, Thanos ripped out several of her parts of her and replaced it with machinery to make Nebula "Gamora's equal."

Guardians of the Galaxy Edit

Nebula at first is tasked by Ronan to retrieve the Orb from Peter Quill on Xandar. However, Nebula's sister, Gamora offers to go instead. This infuriates Nebula, enough to confront her sister before Gamora leaves for Xandar. After learning Gamora planned to steal the orb for herself, Nebula helped hunt down her sister, and to retrieve the orb. She and Ronan head to the Kyln, where they execute everyone there. On Knowhere, Nebula shoots down her sister 's ship and stalls the orb containing the Infinity Stone. During the Battle on Xandar, Nebula confronts Gamora and her friends, where the sister's confront each other while Drax , Groot and Quill go to confront Ronan. After their battle, Nebula holds on for dear life, but refuses to join her sister. She later kills a Xandarian pilot and flies away.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2Edit

Nebula attempted to steal Anulary batteries from the Sovereign People. However, they apprehend her and offer Nebula to the Guardians in exchange for them to kill the Abilisk.


Appearances Edit

  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • The Avengers: Infinity Wars


  • Nebula's race in the comic book series werent bald.
  • Nebula was originally going to die in Guardians of the Galaxy.